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Branding and Logo Design

Logo and Branding

DriveLab as a brand started many years ago and has many variations of the image. The present goal was to create a feeling a confidence in motion as the individual achieves their goals of driving rehabilitation.

About a Logo Guide

The Brand Identity is an integral aspect of communication with your end user or buyer. The colours and visual cues do impact how people perceive the business.

Having a detailed logo guide helps with branding, promotions and working with organizations.

A ‘safety area’ around the logo ensures visibility and impact of the logo. When designing the logo this space is just as important to consider as it will impact the design of any item in the future. For instance, if the logo is tall as apposed to wide, the logo will take more space vertically. Line thickness is also a consideration as it effects the ability to use the logo in embroidery or smaller tools as a business card or pens.




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